Research Center for Advances in Civil Engineering and Construction Materials, RACECOM
Established in 2015 is aimed at conducting research related to:

- Geomechnics and Geo-materials
- Recycled Materials for Civil Engineering Applications
- Computational Mechanics and its Applications

Research Facilities
Research Laboratories in Department of Civil Engineering, The Department of Civil Engineering has well-equipped laboratories for conducting experiments related with regular course works and graduate research. Among these laboratories are:

Material Testing Laboratory
Several testing machines and transducers are available including the universal testing machines with capacities of 100, 200, 500 tons. These machines are capable of measuring the compressive strength, tensile strength,direct shear strength, torsional strength,bending fatigue,impact and hardness of various kinds of materials including wood, brick, concrete, cast iron, reinforcing steel, strutural steel, presteressing wire and tendon. Also, the machines can perform the calibration of construction devices such as hydraulic jack pressure indicators, compression testing machine, tension testing machine, and etc.

Concrete Technology Laboratory
This laboratory is fully equipped with testing machines for measuring the properties of cement, fine and coarse aggregates as well as fresh and hard concrete. The non-destructive testing testing equipment for concrete construction and inspection are also available.

Soil Mechanics Laboratory
The laboratory is equipped with several state-of-art oil and rock testing machines. Standard soil testings include index property determinations (Atterberg limit, grain size analysis, specific gravity), strength tests (direct shear test, triaxial test) and consolidation test.

Highway Material Testing Laboratory
This laboratory is well-equipped with various testing machines and equipments for studying the performance of different types os highway materials such as asphalt cement, emulsified asphalt, asphaltic concrete and aggregates.

Full-Scale Testing Laboratory
This laboratory comprises a 2.5 m x 5 m test frame. It is equipped with a 200-ton load cell and hydraulic ram together with a high precision LVDT system for conducting static tests. This facility greatly enhances the potential for testing large and full-scale structural components such as beam or column.

Officially website of RACECOM: https://sites.google.com/site/jsuebsuk/racecom

Head of RACECOM: Assistant Professor Dr. Jirayut Suebsuk