BEng. in Civil Engineering

The bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering is a degree program designed to train professionals to plan, design, build and maintain a civil engineer for construction industrial. The degree program requires 148 credits of coursework, which includes courses from the seven civil engineering technical areas:

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Hydraulic/Water Resources Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Survey Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering

 Besides, the students are required to fulfill selected courses in English humanities and social sciences so as to broaden their outlooks in their future careers.

The bachelor’s degreee program takes 4 years with concentration in civil engineering. The first two years of study for undergraduate students build the base needed for the civil engineering education: students take physics, math, chemistry, theoretical and applied mechanics, and some general engineering courses. Students can also take several electives at this time. The last two years of study involve primarily civil engineering courses. Students can elaborate their major area of interest from the several approved elective course within the department.

04-010-202   Strength of Materials 1
04-010-205   Surveying
04-010-206   Surveying Practice
04-011-311   Materials Testing Laboratory
04-011-202   Theory of Structures
04-011-203   Civil Engineering Materials
04-011-312   Concrete Technology Laboratory
04-011-204   Soil Mechanics
04-011-205   Soil Mechanics Laboratory
04-010-203   Hydraulics
04-010-204   Hydraulic Laboratory
04-011-307   Structural Analysis
04-011-317   Hydrology
04-011-313   Reinforced Concrete Design
04-011-314   Reinforced Concrete Design Practice
04-011-308   Route Surveying
04-011-306   Foundation Engineering
04-011-309   Highway Engineering
04-011-310   Highway Materials Testing
04-011-315   Timber and Steel Design
04-011-316   Timber and Steel Design Practice
04-011-419   Hydraulic Engineering
04-012-404   Civil Engineering Drawing
04-012-403   Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering
04-011-421   Construction Engineering and Management
04-012-301   Building Design
04-012-402   Prestressed Concrete Design
04-012-405   Construction Cost Estimation and Analysis
04-012-406   Techniques and Inspection for Civil Engineers